Friday, July 21, 2006

The Job Interview Part I - Putting Your Best Foot Forward

They’re called ‘accessories’ - those little bumps that skim the floor. They’re down so low you would think no one sees them, but they make a statement about what you are bringing to a prospective employer. Take heed, because in a job interview they are more important than you think!

Shoes. They are available in all different styles, textures and colors. Choose them carefully because their voice is easily heard.

What would you like to say about yourself? Say it with your shoes.

The high heeled shoe may make you feel confident, but let’s find another way to portray confidence. This pretty baby is a hit on dates or parties, but is not appropriate for a job interview.

The same is true for color and textures. A shoe that matches your suit shows that you are coordinated and organized, that you “have it all together.” The second choice could be a basic color that blends with your suit, like black, brown, navy. Dark colors, simple patterns and basic styles show that you are serious.

You should inspect your shoes the day before your job interview. Clean them, polish them, replace them if worn. Worn shoes convey either poverty or a lack of self-respect. Being seen as either is a negative statement.

The best choice is a flat shoe in good condition, like a loafer or pump, and is stable as you walk on the floor. It states that you, like the shoe, are a dependable, safe, stable choice. Stick with the simple classics, and your job search will start on the right foot!

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